what is an api client library
A client library, sometimes called a helper library, is a set of code that application developers can add to their development projects. It provides chunks of code that do the basic things an application needs to do in order to interact with the API. Written for client-application developers, the Google API Client Libraries provide simple, flexible, powerful access to many Google APIs. To call a Google API using Google's client libraries for Java, you need the generated Java library for the Google API you are accessing. These generated libraries include the core google-api-java-client library along with API-specific information such as the root URL. Client-Library is an applications programming interface (API) for use in writing client applications. Client-Library provides generic building blocks for constructing distributed client applications, including non-database applications. Connect API client libraries. The PHP client library is hosted on Packagist and is available for installation via Composer. The Pdfcrowd API client library for Java lets you easily implement the Pdfcrowd API in your Java applications. The client library libmysqlclient is part of the same source code repository as the server. It comes both as a dynamic link library (.so), also called a shared library, and as a static link library (.a). i-doit API Client Library. Easy-to-use, but feature-rich client library for i-doit's JSON-RPC API. About. i-doit is a software application for IT documentation and a CMDB The Application API Client Library for .NET is available for download from NuGet, and is designed to simplify building custom integrations with the LeanKit platform using google-api-dotnet-client - Google APIs Client Library for .NET The API follows object-oriented programming (OOP) principles. A client library is generated as OOP code that consists of classes and methods. The best way for a client library to handle errors natively is by using exceptions, Client Libraries allowing you to get started programmatically with Cloud Vision API in C#, Go, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby. Experience API Client Libraries Weve put together some xAPI client libraries that make it easier for you to get started with the Experience API. Across... read more This is the .NET Client Library for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Graph API. WikiClientLibrary - A .NET Portable & asynchronous MediaWiki API client library for wiki sites. In computer programming, an Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software. This page shows how to get started with the new Cloud Client Libraries for the Google BigQuery API. What is Client-Library? Client-Library is an applications programming interface (API) for use in writing client applications. The implementations below have not been verified for compliance, ... ngx-jsonapi A JSON API fast client library for Angular with storage+memory cache. Python client library. The coreapi Python package allows you to programmatically interact with any API that exposes a supported schema format. Getting started Client library for Google APIs ... README. Google APIs Client Library for PHP Library maintenance. This client library is supported but in maintenance mode only. API reference The API Reference documentation for the C#/.NET client library SDK is auto-generated from comments embedded in the source code. AWS Sample Code & Libraries Catalog provides a listing of code, ... Amazon API Gateway Build, Deploy, ... TensorFlow on AWS Open-source Machine Intelligence Library. Hi @Manvendra P, The following are the supported platforms for the C# client library to integrate the Google My Business API: - .NET Framework 4 and 4.5 Google Cloud Platform lets you build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on the same infrastructure as Google. The Google APIs Client Library for C++ provides access to many Google APIs. google-api-php-client - A PHP client library for accessing Google APIs Implementations The following are projects implementing JSON API. If youd like your project listed, send a pull request. #Client API #IO. Exposed as the io namespace in the standalone build, or the result of calling require('socket.io-client'). Welcome to the .NET API Browser your one-stop shop for all .NET-based APIs from Microsoft. Start searching for any managed APIs by typing in the box below. Note. Most Azure service REST APIs have a corresponding client SDK library, which handles much of the client code for you. See: Azure .NET SDK Comprehensive API reference for working with Microsoft tools, services, and technologies. Whether you're building apps, developing websites, or This guide covers RabbitMQ Java client API. It is not, however, a tutorial. Those are available in a different section. Stripe is a suite of APIs that powers commerce for businesses of all sizes. RestFB is a simple and flexible Facebook Graph API client written in Java. It contains support for the Facebook Messenger Platform and the Facebook Marketing API. The Firebird client library provides an Application Programming Interface (API) with functions for connecting to servers and working with databases. Client APIs. There are two client APIs included here, which are really two styles of the same API: one uses promises, and one callbacks. amplify core. The AmplifyJS core library provides two methods (amplify.publish and amplify.subscribe). RDF API. Java RDF parser, from Stanford. This is merging with SiRPAC. Site http://www-db.stanford.edu/~melnik/rdf/api.html Categories. RDF Parser. Users Other links. AMQP URI spec; See the developer tools for community-contributed code.