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Research Methods Courses. 76 PhD Strategic Management Jobs available on English ... See Distance learning PhD Programs in Management 2018. Request Information Distance learning Doctoral Programs in Management 2018. Major Area Course Requirements. Strategic Planning Manager Salaries. Strategic planners analyze trends, make choices and deploy resources to maximize return and minimize risks. Strategic management is a business sub-discipline concerned with the coordinating of material and human resources within an organisation, in order to achieve long-term business goals. Yes, the Stanford GSB does not have a PhD in Strategic Management. The Nursing Shortage: Solutions for the Short and Long Term ^ Below are top accredited online colleges offering PhD degrees in management. The list below contains top PhD programs in strategic management around the world based on research productivity between 2010 and 2013 (so far) as measured by the UT Dallas. Average Salary with a PhD in HR. Which is the best online institution for a PhD in strategic management? A PhD in management, Doctor of Management (DM), or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in management is the highest degree awarded in the field of business. If so, then a job in finance may be for you. Do you like math and Microsoft Excel? all jobs. You will notice that while I have listed the top 40 programs from the US I have not done so for the rest of the countries/regions. Research what it takes to become a Doctor of Business Administration. Major Area Course Requirements. one search. Typically, this degree is reserved for individuals wishing to pursue academic research or teaching careers as professors at management or business schools. Salary Information for a Doctor of Management Degree. Which is the best online institution for a PhD in strategic management? ... Career and Salary Facts. Human resources, or HR, is a great field if youre interested in management and like working with people. The typical University of Toronto Professor of Strategic Management salary is $233,885. Research Methods Courses. Find out more information about Strategic Management. Cognate Minor. Graduates are also able to find consulting jobs and offer advice to companies and organizations. This is intentional. Average salaries for University of Toronto Professor of Strategic Management: $233,885. ... What is the average annual salary for Strategic Planning Manager? The study of management is available through a doctoral degree program for students who want a career in research and academics. If you're a visionary thinker and problem solver with analytical aptitude, you may benefit from studying strategic planning in a graduate degree program. Cognate Minor. Strategic Planning Master's and Ph.D.s: Degrees at a Glance.