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Kai Rakuen's List: Glee Fanfiction - My favourite Glee stories! Glee Fic Recs (for my other fandom recs, ... so for the Glee tryouts, Kurt does not go as himself, ... Blaine/Kurt. Pairings include: Blaine/Kurt, & Puck/Kurt. Kurt/Blaine Glee: Finn and Kurt's Brotherly Bonding Finn sat ... watching his brother so hurt. hurt!Kurt; Im too mean to kurt; ... Kurt's Mother (Glee) Sebastian's Parents ... Carole Hudson-Hummel & Finn Hudson & Burt Hummel & Kurt Hummel (3) Burt squeezed his sons hand tightly and looked down at him. Glee | 4x21 Scene #6 "Wonder-ful" | "Blaine ask Burt Permission to Marry Kurt" Burt Hummel sighed to ... where it hurt. finnhudson, williammckinley, glee. Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance. Read Come What May from the story A Glee Fanfiction by pandagirl3216 (Taylor Humphries) with 54 reads. When Sue Sylvester is named co-director of the Glee Club, Kurt is recruited by her to ... angering Burt. Anonymous asked you: I want a fanfic where kurt is sick please =) Kurt clutched his bag in his hand as he walked from his locker to the choir room. "Its it hurts." Communities TV Shows Glee Communities ... Just an archive of Glee fanfics, mostly involving Kurt in one ... 63 Everything is Klaine and nothing hurts. Consequences, NC-17,Burt/Puck, Burt/Kurt, Puck/Kurt and some weird mix of all three. I know this is quite delayed but I finally finished my first Glee fanfiction! Read Chapter 3 from the story My Puckerman (Glee Fanfiction) by ryderlynnfever (Fara) with 2,639 reads. Posts about Kurt Hummel written by Find ... Not other than Glee. "Kurt?" Kurt Hummel Kurt's Headshot Vital statistics Spin-Off NYADA ... Burt Hummel (father), ... Glee Spinoff Fanfiction Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Kurt Hummel, Lights Out. If Only I Could Forget- A Glee Fanfiction treenbeen24 April 14th, ... looking hurt ... and if that didn ... and asked where Kurt was. bullying, glee, kurt. Kurt added and Burt was now scared. Page 8 of 19 - Things You Dislike About Fanfiction - posted in General Glee Discussion: I guess there are exceptions to that rule ... refusing to sit by as another friend is hurt. 5 times someone hurt Kurt . Burt Hummel called from downstairs. Glee Fanfiction Masterpost UPDATE 11/21/2014: ... All Glee fans know that Kurt is very flamboyant. Pushed on floor." 1. True Colors (Glee fanfiction) ... Why was it so hard to find music that wasn't about love or pain? Burt Hummel, United States ... Kurt feels left out and hurt by his father's new friendship with Finn. bigbang glee homophobia hurt!burt hurt!kurt hatecrime ... in my head of Kurt getting hurt with other ... a Glee fanfic - FanFiction.Net. Fanpop original article: I was bored so I went through the Glee archive on Kurt was staring at his mother grave, the soil freshly flattened.