buzzing noise after turning car off
Turned off the car, noticed some buzzing noise coming from under the hood when I turned it off. ... Buzzing noise coming from engine after I turn it off? If your car makes noise when accelerating or turning, ... 16 costly car noises. Russ Heaps. Make sure it is fully charged. Run car and see if you hear the noise with it running. There is a 'buzzing' noise after the engine is switched off. I have an 05 GLI 1.8T and heard this humming noise after I turned off the car. ... humming noise after turning off the car! Results 1 to 13 of 13 This is a little different from what I hear. Inside the car I can hear a noise that sounds like hot water flowing through a pipe. It comes through the The noise you are all hearing is the security system arming. You can test this by sitting in your car after you have parked and removed the key from While driving my 09 911 my audio started making a loud buzzing/alarm noise. I could not turn it off by changing the station or by turning off the audio. If your car makes noise when accelerating or turning, ... even notice these harmless notes after a while. Ok so the car makes this wierd humming noise after i turn off the engine and it keeps on making the noise. What is that buzzing noise coming from the engine after you turn off the car?! Hi their i have just discovered my 02 9-5 aero is making a strange buzzing noise just after i turn the engine off. HELP ! !Buzzing after engine turned off ... ebrake blinker noise maker that when i turn the car off it keeps ... is buzzing after I turn off the car". My 2003 xc70 has an intermittent buzzing noise under the hood when the car turns off. Goes longer when I press down on the brake pedal. Stops after a My air conditioner makes noises while it is turned off ... unit is off it makes a loud buzzing noise for a ... for hours after it has been turned off. Forum; Fiat 500 ABARTH Forums; Fiat 500 ABARTH General Discussion; What is that buzzing noise coming from the engine after you turn off the car? ! This is with the engine off and car turned off and no one in the car. It sounds like a soft metal on metal grinding sound. When does the sound occur? When the vehicle is running, when you turn it off? GM vehicles have a retained power function If the sound is occurring after turning the car off, ... Buzzing sound when car is off Strange whirring/humming noise after ignition switch off - posted in Electrical (Mk3 Mondeo): Hi, I have a strange whirring/humming noise after ignition switch off. I've noticed recently that after shutting the car off the throttle body is making high pitched whining/buzzing noises. Immediately after ... After turning off engine, a high pitch tone from engine runs down the battery on 2012 ... any problems with the car nor could they create the buzzing noise. After short drives when I turn the car off I hear this clunking sound for about 5 or 10 seconds. I can't tell where. ... Clunking noise after turning off car. 2010 Prius Noise After Power Off. Noise from under vehicle after turning off Why is my Mini Cooper making noise after I turn it off? ... kind of like a vacuum after the car is off.